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We fell in love with wineries when we were in Germany. We loved going in the wine cellars and tasting the wonderful wines. We also had so much fun going to the wine fest and October fest. Through our travels we have discovered that there are many wonderful wineries and breweries right here in the United States.

We do love to travel and experience the excitement of what each place has to offer. We currently live in Tennesse and have strong roots in The Lone Star State. We both have military carreers and have spent much time over seas to include Germany, Bosnia, Korea, Hawaii, IRAQ, Afghanastan, and Kuwait.  Unfortunately wine and beer tasting was not allowed in a few of these countries.

We would like to share our experience with you and invite you to share your winery experience right here on corks and taps. Some wineries are including breweries or brews at their locations. There are also whiskey distilleries such as Jim Bean in Tennessee for those who like a little kick. We have combined our love of travel, photography, the winery experience and a good wine and brew to create corksandtaps.com. Click
corks and taps reviews to see our reviews and Winery of the Month.

Our vision for corks and taps is a place where you can come to relax, share your winery, wine, brewery, or travel experiences, or just talk to each other on the blog.  
We are excited about the Image Gallery. If you would like to share your photos and experiences with corksandtaps..we will put them in the Image Gallery under your state or World region of choice. Just Contact Us to send us your photo and brief descripton to Corks and Taps. 

Our ultimate goal is have a place where people can truly enjoy the wine and beer and all that comes with it. We will keep you up to date on our visits with personal reviews for you. Our next trip may be on a Harley!

For those of you that own a winery, or brewery or have created somthing new..Consider inviting us to your place for a review. We love to meet new people and we will always give a down to heart review. Contact corks and taps at support@corksandtaps.com.


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